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by - December 16, 2016

Hello. It's been awhile since i'm update this blog. Last year, I think. It's not that I'm busy but just so lazy to update. I have a hard time to edit this blog. I'm still not satisfying with my own design. I still can't find any suitable code for my coding. I just think that the format has been changed right? So nowadays not many blogger are still active to update the tutorial. I guess no? Because, last update, they are on 2012 like that. So they are not many blogger that update a new coding for blog. So, I think it's quiet difficult for me to keep blogging.

Well, I'm not usually write in english but this time I just want to. I think i can improve my grammar? Hahaha ok I'm know it's sound little weird but seriously I'm want to improve because next year I'm SPM candicate. Ok I'm still trying to improve but it may sounds cringe. I'm still bad at spelling some difficult words because I'm not used to. I'm keep forgetting the correct spelling. So some of you asking me why i'm been not updating any, well that because I'm too lazy to online using laptop. I usually using my phone.

I thinks next year, I'm not update this blog because obviously I will busy with school stuffs. I have to study hard because next year, it will be my last year as a high school student. It sad but happy at the same time. There were lot of sad and happy memories since I entering high school. But, the sad memories bring me whom I am. I'm be a strong and stronger person day by day. I learn a lot about life that life doesn't easy as you want. There were a lot of challenges waits you out there. So, you have to keep positive and keep going no matter what happens. Allah will guides you. 

I keep thinking, what will be on my future. I keep worrying because economy nowadays doesn't very good.What will I be, whom I am, how to get money, how to protect my family. I means I'm the eldest daughter so I have a lot of responsibility and duty. I have a lot wishlists that I want to achieve. So guys, if you feel worry about some stuffs, just keep on mind that "Think positive". 

Bye. See you nex time. 

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